About Us

Become a Part of North America’s Cannabis Industry

Joining The Best for The Cure means joining a full-service, interactive, online cannabis marketplace. We connect growers, manufacturers, sales people, extractors, and more to create a network of industry professionals. We aim to make it easier for everyone involved to connect and work towards a common goal: making this miraculous plant readily available to the people who need it. Our philosophy stems from the intention of creating a community—a large interacting web of people, their friends, co-workers, enthusiasts, patients, researchers, and anyone else who desires to join our ranks and start making a profit while creating a better world.

Founder of The Best for the Cure, Bruce Patton has a mission in life to help fight cancer. As a victim of this horrendous disease, Bruce knows first hand what many people are going through right now. Cannabinoid research shows many promising avenues towards the development of potential treatments for a wide variety of cancers. Bruce started The Best for the Cure to offer an online marketplace where individuals, businesses, activists, and those looking to just learn more could participate in a like-minded community.

Knowledge and information about the therapeutical benefits of cannabinoid therapies are increasing each year. This newly budding green industry is becoming very lucrative for many different types of businesses. It’s also starting to produce results in the field of medicine that have the potential to impact patient lives for the better. By becoming a member of The Best for the Cure, you’re helping facilitate a growing community which in return is helping to bring awareness to everything that this newly budding green sector offers. In addition, you are also helping to fund cancer research.

Beyond connecting sellers and buyers The Best for the Cure offers a fantastic affiliate program for members and site visitors. Through our affiliate program, you can earn extra cash while keeping your job. Many people only make a little bit here while others are creating a more substantial income. It’s all based upon who you know and where and how your affiliate marketing is conducted. At The Best for the Cure, we know what’s best for the cure and believe that many others do as well. Now we want to help facilitate research to solidify what so many of us already know.

We look forward to having you become a member of our growing community of like-minded community members. Remember when you’re looking for the best cannabis marketplace you found it here at The Best for the Cure.