Adding Great Companies

Companies looking to list products and supplies they have for sale love The Best for the Cure. The continually growing community of individuals and businesses joining The Best for the Cure helps create a thriving online cannabis marketplace. You can become part of this growing community and expose your products and supplies to others in this like-minded audience. By placing your products and supplies in front of other like-minded individuals, you increase your chances of making sales. The Best for the Cure will sell your products for you giving you your own page,  after agreeing upon a commission.

The budding legal green industry has seen substantial economic growth. Grandview Research predicts the legal sector to be worth an estimated 146.4 billion dollars globally approaching the year 2025. Now is the time to get your foot in the door and become part of this lucrative opportunity. Businesses and individuals are achieving future generational wealth and financial security while patients are gaining access to the quality of life they deserve. All of this is facilitated right here at The Best for the Cure. Current estimates show there to be between 150k to 160k full-time workers employed by this legal green industry with no signs of slowing down.

If your company is looking to become part of the growing community here at The Best for the Cure we’d love to have you. Contact us today and get started with listing your products and supplies. According to Marijuana Business Daily, the current US demand for cannabis is estimated to be around 52.5 billion dollars between the legal and illicit black markets. This is a number that is starting to shift towards the legal industry completely. A number that you or your business can be a part of. All that’s left to do is join The Best for the Cure and get started selling your products and supplies today.

Joining The Best For The Cure is Easy

We agree to a commission on the products we sell. Your company gets their own page. We sell your products. Simple.

We are giving 45% of the commission to anyone that sells anything on the site and 10% to the recruiter. We will be hiring 1000s of people after the companies are in place. people to sell direct or as simple as putting a affiliate link directed to our site.

Joining The Best for The Cure means joining a full-service, interactive, online cannabis marketplace. We connect growers, manufacturers, sales people, extractors, and more to create a network of industry professionals. We aim to make it easier for everyone involved to connect and work towards a common goal: making this miraculous plant readily available to the people who need it. Our philosophy stems from the intention of creating a community—a large interacting web of people, their friends, co-workers, enthusiasts, patients, researchers, and anyone else who desires to join our ranks and start making a profit while creating a better world. The best part All profit goes to cancer research.

Sorry no products to smoke or consume cannabis allowed on site