When you begin working with The Best for The Cure, you will keep all your previous contacts and connections—you can use our marketplace part-time and maintain it as a separate entity to your business. No matter what, you are in control.  

The Best of The Cure offers a top of the line affiliate program. All affiliates receive cold hard cash in their bank account. No amount of sales is too low or too high. The only thing that is required of an affiliate for The Best for the Cure is manners and respect. Affiliates found being disrespectful to customers will be automatically terminated. The Best for the Cure is not about high-pressure sales and we’re not looking to take people from their jobs. You can keep the job you have and utilize The Best for the Cure affiliate program to help make supplemental income. With a The Best for the Cure affiliate link on your website, blog, or YouTube channel, you could start earning an extra 45% profit from each sale. If this sounds like an affiliate program you want to be part of then contact The Best for the Cure today and be on your way to hemping the planet become a happy and healthier one.


Commission for our sales program is very simple. 45% of the profit goes directly to the salesperson/affiliate and 45% of the profit goes to the company. Additionally, 10% of the profit goes to the recruiter of the affiliate. We find this method leaves 100% of the parties involved completely elevated and happy. The Best for the Cure is currently actively seeking business owners and those within their circles for now. In the future will be looking to hire thousands of individuals and help them to obtain the supplemental income they desire.