New Cancer and Cannabis Clinical Trial to Take Place in Canada

Here at The Best for the Cure, we are strong advocates and supporters of cannabis research. Particularly we are extreme advocates for cancer and cannabis research. That is why we are excited to announce that the BC Cancer Foundation is going to be conducting a first-of-a-kind study based on cannabis’ effect on symptoms in cancer … Read more

Cannabis and Cancer- Why We Want to Help Support Research

Cancer has touched almost everybody’s life in one form or another. Whether they have been diagnosed with cancer themselves or if they have watched a loved one battle cancer, it is a detrimental endurance either way. The founder of The Best for the Cure knows firsthand just how devastating this disease can be. There are … Read more

The Future of Cannabis Commerce Platforms- The Best for the Cure

Cannabis commerce platforms are cultivating an exciting future. There is more to the industry than just growing pot and selling it to customers. The legal industry has many different levels of regulation in which companies and businesses must comply with. There are services necessary to ensure these regulations and compliances are met such as POS … Read more

The Best for the Cure

Introducing The Best for the Cure

The Best for the Cure is here to help raise funding to support cancer research. Owner and founder Bruce Patton has a passion for helping find a cure for this disease. Bruce knows firsthand what it’s like to live with cancer. He also knows that other alternatives are out there to help treat this horrible … Read more