Introducing The Best for the Cure

The Best for the Cure is here to help raise funding to support cancer research. Owner and founder Bruce Patton has a passion for helping find a cure for this disease. Bruce knows firsthand what it’s like to live with cancer. He also knows that other alternatives are out there to help treat this horrible disease. Some of these options are in need of research to help solidify them. That’s where The Best for the Cure comes in. The Best for the Cure is a cannabis commerce platform that provides businesses and customers the ability to buy and sell products through their own online store.

Together We Can Do More for Cancer Patients

We also have an amazing affiliate program designed to help anybody start generating extra income. Working together towards finding a cure for cancer is the key to eliminating so much suffering because of this disease. Millions of people die each year from cancer, and it costs the healthcare system an exorbitant amount of money each year. Research and funding for finding a cure for cancer is imperative for the future of humanity. Cannabis may not be the cure-all for cancer patients, but many have expressed a higher-quality of life thanks to this widely misunderstood plant. The current treatment options involving surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments in an effort to kill cancer or slow its progression come with many different side effects. These side effects like cancer take away from the quality of a person’s life.

Research is Key to Changing the Future of Cancer Treatment

Currently, cancer research is helping to discover new ways of treating this disease. With over a hundred different forms of cancer, it will require many different methods for treatment. The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are starting to incorporate cannabinoids into modern medicine. These medicines are being used to help treat certain conditions such as epilepsy and skin cancer. The United States is currently limited when it comes to researching cannabinoids therapies because of the federal prohibition on cannabis. Should this draconian prohibition come to an end at the national level, the United States of America could finally participate in the advancing field of cannabinoid research.

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