New Cancer and Cannabis Clinical Trial to Take Place in Canada

Here at The Best for the Cure, we are strong advocates and supporters of cannabis research. Particularly we are extreme advocates for cancer and cannabis research. That is why we are excited to announce that the BC Cancer Foundation is going to be conducting a first-of-a-kind study based on cannabis’ effect on symptoms in cancer patients.

The study will take place over a 48-day time frame and will include participants from 9 different Canadian cities. In total there will be a hundred and fifty patients taking part in this study. This study will utilize cannabis extracts and aims to prove whether or not cannabis can be effective in treating cancer symptoms such as anxiety, nausea, sleep loss, and pain.

The cannabis extracts which will be utilized in the study were donated by Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation. You may have heard this name recently as they made the news after being acquired by Aurora Cannabis. Aurora is one of the largest licensed cannabis producers in the country. The extracts that will be utilized include 1:1 extracts, extracts high in THC, and extracts high in CBD.

The leader of the clinical trial Dr. Pippa Hawley stated that his goal is to “be able to provide a useful guide to patients and healthcare professionals.” In addition, he wants to be able to “give them practical information about what could work.”

Dr. Hawley has experience in previous clinical surveys with cancer patients. His last clinical study included 3,000 cancer patients. According to Ganjapreneur, Dr. Hawley stated the following regarding that survey.

‚ÄúThat survey showed that cannabis use during treatment is widespread, for potential relief of symptoms related to treatment, or to cancer itself. This, in spite of the fact there is little or no scientific evidence into symptom and quality of life improvements.”

The new clinical study is being performed in hopes of correcting the lack of evidence that other studies present. If you’re excited to see what the results are, it will be sometime next year before we will expect to see them published in a medical journal.

You can be sure that when the time comes, you will be able to find all the updates regarding this clinical study and more surrounding cannabis and cancer research here
at The Best for the Cure.

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